This are the students at my fiancee’s school where she is an amazing teacher.

Great message. Vote For Somebody!

Wanna get annoyed? Read the stupid YouTube comments where some idiot says “they mention Obama first because the students are black” and many more!

Science Fiction Website TOR.com just gave DYSTOPIA GARDENS a glowing review!!!!


Friday, August 19, 2011 — 2 notes

Some behind the scenes footage of director Alan @collarsup Harris and @thejerrymiller shooting some footage for a new short video appearing in our new and improved Fringe show. 

only 3 shows left.

"DYSTOPIA GARDENS shines at Fringe NYC..." The headline of another review.

Michael Jackson of examiner.com  gave us this amazing review that has hit dozens of news outlets.  Wow.  Thanks so much.  We’re not worthy!

A Glowing DYSTOPIA GARDENS fringe nyc review.

David Hilder of nytheatre.com gave us this glowing review of our fringe show.  We’re blushing…and if you’ve seen the show, you know thats hard to make us do.